Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Earn Thousands By Affiliate Selling

Earning Thousands By Affiliate Selling
Copyright (c) 2006 Diane Hughes

Affiliate selling online can make you the ultimate virtual
sales representative. You can literally sell any product on
the market today to consumers all around the world. With
aggressive techniques, you can earn thousands in
commissions without leaving the comforts of your own home.

An affiliate seller is like a traffic director of
merchandising. He/she signals the oncoming consumer traffic
to the companies that supply the products in which they are
searching. Consequently, when a sale is made from your
directed or redirected traffic, you get a commission of the
sale. Thousands of Internet businesses utilize this every
day-seven days a week and 365 days of the year. But is it
as easy as it sounds? Absolutely!

The majority of major online companies offer affiliate
marketing and commission programs and each and every one of
them will, no doubt, welcome you in assisting in getting
their products to the public. Many have either established
their own affiliate program or use affiliate companies such
as Commission Junction and LinkShare. Check out the online
companies that want you to work for them.

Amazon.com - Amazon is practically the most popular online
marketplace in the world. Known as the go to place to find
books, Amazon sells everything from beauty products and
apparel to electronics and power tools. Amazon supplies a
comprehensive section for its affiliates. The site is
http://associates.amazon.com. Once you sign up, Amazon
supplies you with a tool (on their website) in which any
affiliate (Amazon refers to them as associates) can create
attractive links to the specific product you wish to
advertise. Furthermore, Amazon will supply affiliates
detailed information on the items sold through the efforts
of the associate.

Walmart.com and Target.com - Both of these companies are
powerhouses in retail sales all across the United States.
They have managed to build corporate presences due to their
versatile ability to supply customers with the opportunity
of one stop shopping. They are attempting to establish the
identical, powerful, 'virtual' presence on the Internet as
well. Both companies offer affiliate programs as well.
Unlike Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target offer their commission
program through the LinkShare Network with commissions up
to 7% of total sales referred. You can sign up by going to
the homepage of each store (www.walmart.com and
www.target.com) and clicking on the "Affiliate Program"
link at the bottom of the page.

Commission Junction - Commission Junction is the service
many of the large corporations utilizes to manage their
affiliate programs. Commission Junction's companies
include, but aren't limited to, Dell.com, HSN.com (Home
Shopping Network), Expedia.com, Staples.com, BestBuy.com,
Travelocity.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Marriott.com,
Fossil.com, Ebay.com, Tommy Hilfiger, The Home Depot and
Yahoo! What this means is that there is absolutely no
product you cannot represent. If you want to be a travel
agent, try Expedia, Marriott and Travelocity. If you like
electronics, there is Dell and Best Buy and many others.
The only limitation to your ability to sell is you!

Affiliate sales are tracked by a code that is embedded in
each link you build from the corporate affiliate program
website. This code verifies exactly what link the potential
client was referred. If the link on your page redirected a
consumer to buy from the corporate website, you are
credited for the sale and commissions are figured.

Diane Hughes
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