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Adsense secrets

Here is a good article on how to make the most of your Adsense ads if you
already have a Google Adsense account.


Adsense, The Great Secret
Copyright 2006 Karl Stadler

What is the great secret to huge earnings with Adsense? The
truth is, there is no great secret.

Let us look at adsense from the top.

Adsense pays you a percentage of money for each click that
you generate on your website. Which brings us to two very
important facts that few seem to realize when building
their adsense websites.

You need traffic to click on your adsense ads.

Your ads must be relevant to the search of the visitor.

Lets dissect them one at a time.


You can create adsense sites with software, buy pre-built
sites, use PLR and so on. This is a nice quick fix to solve
your problem of generating adsense income, or so many seem
to think.

Most of the time you will have wasted your time and money.
It would have been much better spent taking the dog for a
walk or doing the dishes.

For an adsense site to be successful it needs visitors,
many visitors. If you have just put up a new site it will
mean you have not been indexed neither do you have any page
ranking. Your 2000 page pre-built website at this moment in
time means nothing. Don't forget that a thousand or so
others have followed the same route as you, some before and
some after, quite a bit of duplicate content don't you

Lets move on. The search engines have come by and your
pages are now indexed after two or three months.

Suddenly to your great surprise for the next month you have
a total of two clicks, or worse none whatsoever. Four
months down the line becomes six and still the results
remain the same.

Fortunately you do not need to feel alone, there are many
who have done exactly the same thing with the same results.
But from your perspective the internet sucks and there are
only a few who will make money and the multitudes of others
will buy their products.

Sorry to tell you the truth, you are wrong. If you went
about building your adsense empire with a plan, and not a
quick fix, things would be quite different. But we all
still love quick fixes and buy them, so there is no need to
feel bad.

Building your adsense site takes careful planning. You can
do it as a new site, subdirectory or implement it on your
current site.

The very first thing that you must do, and I cannot stress
this enough, is keyword research.

It is a long and arduous task and does take a lot of time
and thinking to get to the right keywords. It is the life
or death of your site. You can have the best optimized
pages around, but if you chose the wrong keywords you will
never be seen.

The wrong choices would be keywords that are never searched
for or the competition is so high that you will be
competing against many high ranking websites, and your
pages will just get lost in the maze.

Only when you have your keywords in place is it time to
develop your content. You should try to create as many of
these pages yourself. Now you are not able to write one
thousand pages all by yourself but if you write one page a
week, by the end of the year you will have 52 unique pages,
that is what the search engines are looking for. Your pages
need not be long 400 to 600 words are fine as long as the
content is relevant, but we will get to that now.

If you are just starting your site you can mix up your
pages with articles, PLR content and your own, but do
create your own unique content as often as you can.

Now lets look at relevance.

If a visitor lands on your page from a search engine result
he must find your content relevant to his search, otherwise
he will leave as quickly as he came. He will not be
clicking one of your adsense ads either to his next

Why not?

Your adsense ads on your page will be reflective of your
content, not his search, which means they will have no
meaning to him whatsoever. That is why it is so important
to have relevant content to your keywords, that is what
brings the visitor, keeps him on the site and gets him to
click an adsense ad when he leaves.

Placement of ads and the way they appear have been proven
to increase or decrease CTR. Unfortunately this information
is only obtainable through research over a period of time.
You have to use different formats and placements on
different pages and track each ad separately to establish
which work best.

But the internet is constantly changing, and what is
working now will not necessarily be working in six months
to a year, so unless you have been doing the research
yourself over a period of time and finding the right
information at the right time, you will have to pay to get
your adsense working effectively and profitably.

This is the great secret to successful adsense pages, it is
nothing more than research information as to what is
working best at this time. The information is gathered
through persistent testing, tracking, more testing and
tracking until the right combinations are found and then
doing it all over again. The secret is finding and using
the information first.

Karl Stadler is an author and internet marketer. To find
out how to research your keywords and get more "secret"
information on the look and placement of your adsense ads
please visit


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