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A beginner's Guide To Making Money Online

A beginner's Guide To Making Money Online
Copyright 2006 Anwar Ahmed Ally

Okay, you're reading this because you want to make money
online. You are fairly new to this, so you want some
assistance. Well, you're reading the right article. I will
attempt to show you the basics on how to start an online
money-making venture as quickly as possible.

The internet, through its sheer size, can be a bit
overwhelming for a newcomer especially if there's so many
different types of lucrative opportunities out there.
Follow these simple steps to get started.

STEP 1: Understand how money is made on the internet

In its simplest form, money can be made on the internet in
roughly three ways:

By setting up your own web site

A web site can be an ideal way to make money online.
However, it should be pointed out that you have to be
prepared to put in a lot of hard work and have a great deal
of patience. Your web site can make money by you offering a
product or service on it or by earning advertising revenue
or both. You can sell just about anything on a web site but
it is recommended that you start with items that are
instantly downloadable like software or ebooks. This spares
you the agony and extra work of having to specially ship
physical items around the world.

You will start by choosing a domain name, registering it
and hosting your site. You need to design a site to suit
your needs and what you have to sell. You can use the
services of a web designer to do this for you or if you are
the creative sort with reasonable computer knowledge and
some good common sense, you could do this yourself -it's
not that difficult!

You will also need the ability to accept credit card
payments from your customers. This has become reasonably
easy to do these days by simply making use of a third party
processor. Search for these on the search engines. You then
need to market your web site either by way of paid ads or
by using good Seo (search engine optimization) techniques
to get your site ranked well in the search engines.

An alternate method of making money with a web site is by
offering free, useful and quality content that appeals to
users. Once you have built up a decent amount of regular
visitors, you host Google Adsense ads. Google will pay you
a commission on all their ads that are clicked on your
site. You can also offer paid advertising to other web
sites on your own by way of text or banner ads.

By doing some sort of online work for a company

There are numerous genuine companies out there that offer
part time work to ordinary individuals. You can find
research work, taking of surveys, data capturing, typing,
etc. You can source these companies by searching for them
on the search engines.

By participating in affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are popular with work-at-homers. An
affiliate program is simply an advertising/marketing
program run by company/web site in which they get members
to refer visitors to their site. Members are paid per
visitor or per sign-up or a combination of both. Most
affiliate programs are free to join and the company will
provide you with marketing/advertising aids in the form of
text ads, sales copy, banners, etc to use. It is quite
alright for you to participate in more that one affiliate
program at the same time - this greatly increases your
chance of success. Incidentally, affiliate activities
create a great deal of internet traffic. To further
increase your chance of success with affiliate programs,
only join established companies that offer well respected
and popular products or services.

STEP 2: Decide what you feel comfortable with

Now that you have a brief idea on the most popular
money-making methods, you need to decide which one appeals
to you. Once you have, feel free to do more research in
that area and try to get as much information as possible.
Play around with a few ideas until you are sure what you
want to do.

STEP 3: Finding the right opportunity

Once you've decided on what you'd like to do, you now need
to find the right opportunity. If you've decided to start
your own web site, you need to determine what it's going to
be about. It's best to base it upon something you have a
fair knowledge of or are passionate about. If you've
decided to take the affiliate route or to do online work
for a company, make sure you are dealing with a reputable
company that pays promptly. Use the search engines to find
possible companies, then email these companies with any
questions you have. Ask for references (people who are
doing work for this company) and contact these people about
their experiences.

Following these simple steps should put you on the right
track very quickly. All the best!

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