Sunday, July 23, 2006

Making Extra Money Online

Making Extra Money Online
Copyright 2006 Raymond Burton

There was a time when I was house hunting and realized that
as a self-employed business owner that one source of income
was not going to get me where I wanted. I needed to make
more than the average bear because my yearly salary showed
a small taxable income after all the business deductions.
Of course I could take another job in the traditional sense
but then I would have very little free time. Thus trying to
get extra money to attain freedom is shot right from the

So how do you make money while not always having to work to
sustain that income? You work on the Internet and have your
extra source of income come from online. Is it a get rich
fast system? NO. What the Internet does offer is continuing
income from work that has been done once. This is a very
big secret to success in many fields. Do work once and have
the effort pay you for years.

I know many people doubt the validity of working online to
make extra money but this is because they do not approach
it as a job. Just as in real life, short cuts and a lack of
effort will never pay you back with financial rewards. The
trick is to keep rolling the snowball until momentum makes
it roll itself. Internet income is all about critical mass.

Just as with anything that is advertised in this world,
there are some things that do work and then there is the
other 99% that is Internet crap and hype. I've been through
most but not all of what is offered out there. What works
now for increasing your income through the Internet?
Adsense, Click Bank and Commission Junction.

I have tested program after program only to be disappointed
and robbed of my money. I have been at this for about 3
years straight now and using what I have that works for
about 1 year. I am still learning but can tell you with
confidence that Adsense, Click Bank and Commission Junction
have been the most rewarding ways for me to increase my
income. The most forgiving factors about these online
income sources is that while you are getting your empire up
and running they do not cost you a thing. So you never lose

Once Adsense, Click Bank and Commission Junction are
running and you have them tweaked out from experimenting,
then they can boost your income by a couple of thousand a
month. Granted I am relatively new at this, but at least I
am confident in saying that these Internet income sources
work for me.

I think the biggest thing about Internet income or at least
the best idea to think on for making money is leverage.
There are millions of people out there. If you can figure
out how to invest .50 in order to make a dollar. All you
have to do is figure out how to do that automatically, and
then do it as much as you can.

Making Internet money with the google adsense program for
me has been my mainstay. I simply write about topics I like
and then put the google adesense ads on there and they run
silently in the background making me money day and night.
Some pages make more money than others, but finding what
makes the most money and then writing about something that
doesn't interest me sounds like a mild form of torture. I
write about whatever life experience I am learning about at
the time. Right now it's making extra money on the

I learned about clickbank through wanting to write and
ebook myself. By finding out how to sell my own ebook
online to make extra money, I learned I could sell other
peoples ebooks that I liked and trusted to make money for
the both of us. Whenever I by a product that I like or has
helped me make some money online, then I will sell that
product in good conscience myself. Everybody wins.

Commission Junction is still a bit of a rouge for me. I
have made some money on the Internet but just can't get it
to perform at its full potential. This is probably because
I am a content writer and not a sales copy person. Just
when I think I got it nailed, it turns out to be a fluke. I
know the money is there waiting to be picked but haven't
quite found the optimum way to make money online with them
yet. One thing I can tell you is that you can't just put an
affiliate link up and hope for the best. There has to be
some real work in the background. Mostly in the form or
gaining a high traffic flow through content and then
shuttling that traffic to the pre-sell page.

These are the basic concept of making extra money online.
Give them all a try, but focus on one.

Its all about just playing and enjoying life. Extra money
can give you that freedom. Learn to make money, save money
and then spend it at


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