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Choosing The Right Home Based Internet Business

Choosing The Right Home Based Internet Business
Copyright 2006 Donovan Baldwin

Opportunities to start your own business used to divide
themselves into two basic classes. The opportunity was
either a home based business, or you set up a
brick-and-mortar business. For years, there was a core of
home business standbys such as Avon, Tupperware, Fuller
Brush, and Mary Kay. In those days, the men had the jobs,
and the women were looking for a way to make money part
time. Gradually, as the work force expanded, other
industries got the idea, and organizations such as Amsoil
synthetic motor oils, began to make their appearances.
Over time, and with the rise of Amway, the home based
business gained in apparent legitimacy and people from all
walks of life began to chase the dream of, if not being
filthy rich, then at least being able to fire their boss
and work on their schedule.

Unfortunately, con artists and businesses that should have
not been unleashed on an unsuspecting public got wind of
this and realized that, for many, the product or service
provided was not as important as the chance to make
money...lots of money!

Today, even well-meaning, well-governed companies with
excellent products sometimes use the lure of "easy money"
as their main enticement into their particular home based
business. This IS the lure that will attract many, and, in
that it is so easy and they fell for it themselves, many
who sign up with these companies also use the promise of
potential wealth as their main marketing tool in the muddy
waters of recruiting. They are not completely to blame for
this. Obviously, they would not lean so heavily upon the
claim if it was not successful in luring those who believe
that picking the "right" home business will make them

With the advent of the internet, a whole new world,
literally, of opportunities has come to light. All that
was available before as a home business opportunity is now
available as a home based internet business opportunity.
While many old reliables have adapted and now have at least
minimal online programs, the old scammers and borderline
businesses have come with them. In fact, the internet now
provides so many so-called, and real, business
opportunities that finding an honest, genuine, reliable
opportunity can seem daunting to the beginner.

Therefore, we are going to review a few points that someone
hoping to start a home based internet business should

1. Know thyself. Despite the claims, home businesses,
worked in your pajamas as I am at this moment, require work
and dedication. It is Sunday morning, and I worked every
day last week. Some days I only worked two hours, but I
have committed every day last week to my home based
internet business.

The upside is that I worked less than 40 hours, I worked at
home, I started and stopped when I felt like it, and I
occasionally chose to work on things just because that's
what I felt like doing at the moment. Also, I have
achieved a personal point in my online business activities
that I can knock off for a few days without present
business suffering. You will have to work to grow your
business, especially at first, and if you are not willing
to do the work...don't start.

2. Know thyself part two. An important factor for success
for many people is going to be how well they mesh with the
business they have chosen. The more knowledge of and
interest in that business that you have within your being,
the more likely you are to succeed. My first truly
successful home based internet business came to fruition
when I selected a product that I truly believed in, a
company that I had respect for, a service that I knew
something about, and which fulfilled one of my own needs so
completely that I had no problem enthusiastically singing
its praises.

Notice that "love of money" was not found it that list.
When I first became involved in network marketing, internet
marketing, and multi-level marketing, I failed miserably.
In every instance, I chose business opportunities based on
the excitement of greed and with a get-rich-quick mentality
rather than the excitement of being able to share a great
opportunity and product with others who could use its

3. Know the industry. This is an important point. Please
understand, I do not mean to imply that you must be
intimately knowledgeable in this area, but you cannot be
totally ignorant either. It will be easier to assimilate
knowledge if you already have at least SOME interest in,
and awareness of, the company's area of action. If, for
example, you decide to sell a health related product but
are not the least bit aware of, or interested in, your own
health or that of other people, you are going to have
difficulty succeeding.

On the other hand, if you encounter a product that you
don't know that much about, but it has worked well for you
and it is obvious how the lives of others could be improved
by the product or service, then you have a good start on
the knowledge base you need. You will be able to promote
THAT product with vigor because you know how it works, and
you know that it DOES work.

4. Know the company. Almost any reputable business which
offers these types of business opportunities will charge a
registration fee. These payments may range from a few
dollars to several hundred. Due to the wide range of
companies involved and the differences in their support
packages, it is difficult to compare one to the other.
Some of these entitle you to various levels of support, a
professionally designed website, promotional materials, or
differing levels of potential income. This is NOT an
unrealistic demand when you consider the expenses involved
in dealing with all the inquiries and demand for support a
good company might expect to receive from what is generally
a large group of tire-kickers.

No offense intended, but most people who ask for
information will not sign up, and only a few of those who
sign up will actually get down to business and do the WORK
necessary to grow their new home based internet business.

As with anything that offers to take your money, YOU should
take the time to find out if the company you are dealing
with has a reputation for honesty and integrity. How long
has it been in business? What kind of support and
promotional materials can you expect to receive for your
hard-earned money? Will you get a website? What does it
look like? Will the website take orders for you? If I
seem to be leaning heavily on the internet aspect, it is
because a professionally designed website that does the
selling and processes the orders can, by itself, be worth
the money you pay the company to register for their

Just as an aside, even the best company-provided websites
are often not very search engine friendly. Many new
marketers take a look at their fantastic new site, submit
the link to a few search engines and believe that's the end
of their internet marketing program. Even the most fully
search engine optimized site will not be successful without
some actual internet marketing going on in the background.
Learning this side of the business is part of the homework
you will have to assign yourself and complete if you desire
to be successful. This goes back to item #1 above. If you
are not willing to do the work, the work that MUST be done,
will NOT be done. You are the owner, but you are also the
staff, and you must assign your staff reality based
missions, and your staff must satisfy the boss (you) by
diligent performance.

In the final analysis, we are all different, and there is
no way that any one home based internet business
opportunity will satisfy everyone. I know a man who became
a millionaire with a multi-level marketing business. When
I asked if he was interested in joining me in a telecom
opportunity (which I had joined because I wanted to make
money), he declined, saying that he just did not enjoy
working with those sorts of businesses and had never made
any money with them. Neither did I.

Look inside and be true to who you are. Join yourself to
an honest, reputable company that you understand and whose
products you respect, and then get out there and work, and
you have a chance to build a successful home based internet

Donovan Baldwin is a Dallas area writer and internet
entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the University of West
Florida, and a member of Mensa. He writes articles and
website content for other webmasters and for his own
websites. His favorite home based internet business
opportunity can be found at


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