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Finding Your Home Business Opportunity

Finding Your Home Business Opportunity
Copyright 2006 Stephen Wright

For some people, it is for health issues (for yourself or a
loved one); for others it is a necessity to stay at home
with kids or loved ones; others find the expense and travel
time prohibitive (especially with the cost of gasoline
these days this one is getting more and more common). What
do these and millions of other people have in common? Each
find themselves in situations, most beyond their control,
which keep them from working a full time job outside the
home. The other thing they have in common is that each and
every one is potentially capable of turning this home-bound
time into profits and a full time income. Finding a home
business opportunity that fits you, your preferences, and
your unique needs is within your grasp. The internet makes
this possible, and from the comfort of your home or home

The number of new business ventures on the internet is at
an all time high. However, as with traditional businesses,
unfortunately, more fail than succeed. Nonetheless, clearly
for many making money from a home based business online has
been a dream come true. The range and spectrum of
possibilities and topic areas is only limited by ones
imagination. Products of every variety and sort from
books, flowers, gifts, to internet marketing related
services are all available and waiting for you to explore
and develop.

A major concern of "newbies" into the arena of home
business is resisting the urge to invest or pay money to
every "get rich quick" program and opportunity that comes
along. Do your research. Look for references and
recommendations from others who have been through a startup
- preferably in your chosen field of endeavor. Ideally,
find and read every bit of free or low cost information and
ebook you can find about the topic areas you are interested
in. There is a ton of freebie information and forum
exchanges available that will at least get you past the
initial learning curve of getting your self set up for
making money online. There are some websites, such as
InternetMarketingUSA.com who even create a website for you,
completely free, providing training and instruction - all
as a part of a plug-in-profits business opportunity.

Like me, many web entrepreneurs prefer to focus of residual
income products (that is products that generate income and
revenues in smaller initial amounts, but continue to bring
in revenues over time). Others prefer to focus of specific
products developed by themselves or others for sales
revenues and profits. As a personal preference, I prefer a
healthy balance of both product and residual business
opportunities for sustained revenue growth.

With the continuing phenomenon of Google, many people are
making millions with pay-per-click (PPC) programs such as
Google and Yahoo business advertising. It is quite common
to find business ads on any given webpage. They resemble
billboards on any given site. Not only are they gaining
revenues in the form of advertising dollars, they bring in
potential buyers for traffic hungry sales website. At the
same time they also earn revenues for the website where the
ads were located. This is a multi-level income situation
that benefits everyone - especially Google who continues to
achieve record profits.

Informational products converted into the form known as
eBooks (electronic books) can also be very lucrative
products to sell on the internet. If you have a particular
gift, or special insight into most any topic or area of
expertise, you can write an ebook. Many people searching
the internet are more than willing to pay to gain the
insight and inside information about every topic under the
sun. You will be surprised at how easy it is to organize
and publish eBooks. And of course, even if you do not have
an area of expertise, there is a wealth of information
available on the internet that a few hours spent on solid
research and search investigation can make you an expert in
no time.

So there you have it. These are but a small few of the
hundreds of internet marketing ideas and solutions that are
possible. With a little bit of hard work, you can be on the
way to finding opportunities with your very own home based
business, generating profits and being an "internet
marketing guru" in no time.

Stephen Wright is President & CEO of
Would you like to make money online, but don't know where
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