Monday, August 14, 2006

How To Get More Traffic

How To Get More Traffic
Copyright 2006 Patric Chan

Are you using Paypal, or to
accept credit card payments right now?

Wait. If you don't have a product to sell yet, please
continue to read this article because it'll help you in the

I use 3 of them ... but for different strategies depending
on what I want to accomplish.

What most people did not realize is that, selecting certain
credit card processing company can bring in more traffic to
their website. I'll explain ...

I use for my online niche sites because I
want to leverage on getting affiliates to generate free
traffic for me.

Because of the brand, is ALREADY well-known
by many affiliate marketers as the "goto" place to find
good products to promote.

Wham. You get free traffic.

See how selecting the company that collects your credit
card payments can effectively increase your website traffic
WITHOUT you doing anything else?

Yeah, Clickbank's fee is higher than most of the other
companies. For me, I can't be bothered much about this
minor 'lost'. I rather earn some money than NO MONEY at
all. Besides, you're leveraging on's network
for free. That's very good.

Another example is 2Checkout. It has its own 'shopping
portal' at

You can get traffic from there as well if your product is
listed. I guess it'll work very well for tangible products
because of the images. Don't ask me who will go there to
buy, but people do buy from there.

It's hard to believe but I've received orders from
2Checkout's "shopping portal" before.

This small strategy can generate a lot of traffic for your
website if it works out as planned. If it doesn't, you
don't have to lose anything. I've been using a lot of
'hidden' strategies for my online businesses that have been
responsible for their success today.

You see, the 'problem' with most website owners face when
it comes to getting more traffic is that they are searching
for new ways.

There's nothing wrong with that but it's so much easier to
look for what are available in front of you.

Look around your online business. With a small tweak, you
can easily increase your website's traffic . like changing
the credit card payment system I've shared with you earlier.

When you're doing this, your main goal should be focused on
one-time effort but continuous results without actively
'maintaining' it because you want to spend your time to
look for more 'hidden' traffic techniques you can use

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