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Insiders Guide to a Work At Home Internet Business

Insiders Guide to a Work At Home Internet Business
Copyright 2006 Geoff Morris

Imagine all the hype you get from many of the so-called
'Internet Gurus' when you meet them at seminars,
conferences, or even as unsolicited emails popped into your

Make money while you sleep; Work in your pajamas and make a
fortune; Just put this ebook up and sit back and watch the
avalanche of checks; Buy my product and you will be making
millions in months - I am sure you have seen all of this on
a regular basis.

Unfortunately, many of us - me included - get drawn into
this hype at first, and I bet you speak to any recently
started internet marketer and they will tell you similar
stories about how they bought everything that moved, have
bulging stock cupboards, and for 18 months to two years
earned virtually nothing at all.

Not that these 'gurus' are deliberately trying to take you
for a ride - many of them forget that you are a newbie, and
don't even understand many of the principles being preached
about. And many of them definitely can't do much 'hands on'
work themselves.

The other thing to realize, is that learning long-distance,
and in large groups, the quick get quicker, and the slow
loose their shirts!

There is really no substitute to getting a one-to-one slow
build up with a local coach - somebody you either know, or
know of from a reputation point of view. But, one-to-one
coaching is expensive, as there is no leverage of the
coach's time and difficult to get in many instances.

Most courses just seem to cater for large groups , at all
levels, and in many cases, in different time zones.

However, there is no getting away from the fact, that there
are tremendous opportunities here, both to expand an
existing 'off-line ' business, or to start a brand new one.

So - you have heard the warnings, are aware of the risks,
but you still want to set your own work at home-based
Internet business.

But wait - Do you have all it takes to make your work at
home-based Internet business a success?

Before you go ahead and take the plunge, it is important
that you answer a few questions first. This will help you
determine how prepared you are or what areas you need to
work on.

Have you done your planning?

Think of it this way: You definitely don't want your work
at home-based Internet business to be just a result of
impulse. There's too much at stake and the rewards and
failures are steep.

So, take the time to write out a mission statement. Too
many people embark on working on a home-based Internet
business without realizing that that is exactly what it is,
a business , and has to be treated as such.

Writing your business plan has far more added benefits than
simply devising a plan in your head.

For one, there's no way that you're going to forget it as
long as you keep the hard copy in a safe place.

Two, it's going to help you keep focused on your goals for
your work at home-based Internet business.

Three, planning your work at home-based Internet business
on paper can help you foresee any problems in the future.

Four, it can help you decide beforehand how you will deal
with these problems.

Five, you will need a well-written business plan for your
work at home-based Internet business since this is the
first paperwork that bankers and investors are going to ask
for before giving you your much needed capital.

Six . Bankers don't understand the internet, but they sure
as do understand a well-written business plan.

Bearing in mind what we have said earlier, are you being
realistic about your abilities related to your business?
Any business requires work, time, and money up front.

Too often, profits don't come that soon so it's important
that you are prepared for that reality.

As far as running your work at home-based Internet business
is concerned, ask yourself these questions:

Do you know everything that pertains to your product or
service? Does it interest or excite you? Success in work at
home-based Internet business is closer at hand if you
display the right attitude towards it.

As for being realistic, don't choose a work at home-based
Internet business that does not tap into your strengths.
You will have a very difficult time succeeding if your
business is not suited to your abilities in the first place.

Do you know where your start-up money is coming from? As
stated earlier, starting a work at home-based Internet
business needs start-up money.

There are going to be costs and you will need the funds to
cover those. You can start by borrowing money from other
people. Check out your local bank or ask your friends or
family to help you in your work at home endeavor.

Do you have the time to start and run this business? The
business of running a work at home-based Internet business
is demanding. Your time will be sorely needed, especially
when you're just starting out.

As such, you need to set priorities. Some less important
things may have to take a backseat while you concentrate on
making profits with your work at home-based Internet

Yes, it's true that one of the supposed benefits of working
from home is flexibility of schedule.

Don't worry. You will have more flexible hours but when
you're first starting out, you will certainly be putting a
lot of overtime.

One thing that starting up such an activity does demand,
and that is FOCUS.

Unless you are used to it, the internet will rob you of
your time before you know where you are. You can get
embroiled in too many emails - delete or unsubscribe from
topics that are of no use to you TODAY - you can always
rejoin a list at a later date.

Don't make the mistake of OPP-HOPS ie hopping from one
seemingly good idea to another. Plan your route, stick to
it, and trust in the outcome (especially if working with a
Coach). You can always explore other avenues when you are
making a good income.

Process map everything. Why? Well, for one you don't want
to forget anything, and for another, as you grow, you may
well want to outsource some of the daily 'grind'.

Test everything you do. Ask yourself 'Why I am doing that?
' What am I expecting?'

Track all your adverts and articles, so you can see what is
and is not working for you.

Don't get despondent. Plan your route to success, and stick
to it. There are so many opportunities out there on the web
for a home based business of your own, that with careful
planning, a focussed approach, Oh - and mixing with
right-minded people, you will make a success of it.

Geoff Morris has been running Internet based businesses
from home for over two years, Visit his On-Line Guide to
Internet Home Working for a whole range of ideas to get you


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