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Internet Marketing Buyers Beware

Internet Marketing Buyers Beware
Copyright 2006 Willie Crawford

One of the saddest things I've witnessed in personally
consulting with literally hundreds of people, is someone
attempting to start an online business with a virtually
useless product. These are usually people trying to sell
outdated products that are generally available for free
from hundreds (if not thousands) of other websites.

I see the above far too often. Here are two ways that I've
seen this happen:

1) Someone, often a newbie, buys a set of reprint or
resale rights from a long copy sales page. This page does
such a great job of selling the package that the prospect
can see setting up dozens of sites and "making millions."

The newbie buys the package, picks out a few products that
look promising, and begins setting up websites for each.
Shortly afterwards is where I often come into the picture,
as these webmasters often approach me for help in getting
more sales. They are perplexed as to why they haven't made
even a single sale.

I often take a quick look and instantly identify the
problem. The product is often "older than dirt" and
available all over the internet for free. At other times,
the product is not outdated, but is available on dozens of
other sites at a much lower price. In the latter case, the
webmaster is trying to sell the product at the price that
was listed on the sales page where the bundle of products
was described. This would work if it weren't for the fact
that MOST of the other people who bought rights to the
product were selling it much cheaper, or even using it as
a freebie to get new subscribers.

2) A relative newbie buys a package containing dozens of
"web businesses-in-a-box." These are complete packages
containing a ready-to-go website and a product (usually
software or an ebook). Often these ready-to- go packages
are comprised of outdated products that countless other
people are GIVING away.

How do you avoid the two situations described above?
There's a Latin expression - "caveat emptor." It means
"let the buyer beware." It means that it's the buyer's
responsibility to know what he's buying.

Does this mean that you shouldn't buy these packages of
reprint and resale rights? No, it just means that you need
to know what you are buying. You also need to know how to
properly market it. I've made a small fortune from buying,
repackaging, and then reselling reprint rights, resale
rights and private label rights.

My secret is that when I buy one of these packages, I go
through and look for items that I can combine in different
ways. I look for gems within these packages that weren't
even emphasized on the sales page, but that I know many of
my customers would get a lot of use out of. I look for
items that I can add to other packages I'm already
selling... to breathe new life into an old sales page or
add more value to my offerings.

As an example, I once purchased a resale rights package
that included 38 PDF cookbooks. I added these cookbooks to
the sales page for my soul food cookbook that I was already
selling (as a time limited bonus). This increased my sales
for that cookbook substantially while adding practically
nothing to the cost of delivering the basic product. If
you'd like to see that example in action, check out my
sales page at:

Another one of my secrets is that I buy private label
rights and source code, modify these, and come up with new
products at a very low cost. I've done this with over a
dozen ebooks, and with several software titles that I
currently market. This gives you your own unique product
at a very low cost.

The final thing that you MUST do is not overpay for these
reprint and resale rights. You WILL find lots of
marketable gems in these packages. You can market these as
parts of new packages, or as stand alone products.
However, you do want to minimize your initial investment.

You can actually find packages containing literally
thousands of dollars in reprint and resale rights for under
$100. You can even find these bargains for under $50. An
example, is the Kick Start Mega Sale, conducted to raise
funds for building a homeless shelter. Here you can get a
package worth over $4000 for pennies on the dollar. This
package is available for a very limited time at:

You CAN set up an online info-marketing business and do
extremely well. The whole key is to get started with the
right product... one with some real value. The whole key
there is to do your due diligence, and to be aware of the
traps. Now, you need never fall victim to the horror
stories that we opened this article with. Feel free to
pass this article on and to help spread the word.

Willie Crawford has been marketing and teaching on the
Internet since late-1996. One of the most unusual
projects he helped orchestrate involved using an
Internet "fire sale" to fund the launching of a television
show, and building of a homeless shelter. Read about
that at:


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