Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Earn Thousands By Affiliate Selling

Earning Thousands By Affiliate Selling
Copyright (c) 2006 Diane Hughes

Affiliate selling online can make you the ultimate virtual
sales representative. You can literally sell any product on
the market today to consumers all around the world. With
aggressive techniques, you can earn thousands in
commissions without leaving the comforts of your own home.

An affiliate seller is like a traffic director of
merchandising. He/she signals the oncoming consumer traffic
to the companies that supply the products in which they are
searching. Consequently, when a sale is made from your
directed or redirected traffic, you get a commission of the
sale. Thousands of Internet businesses utilize this every
day-seven days a week and 365 days of the year. But is it
as easy as it sounds? Absolutely!

The majority of major online companies offer affiliate
marketing and commission programs and each and every one of
them will, no doubt, welcome you in assisting in getting
their products to the public. Many have either established
their own affiliate program or use affiliate companies such
as Commission Junction and LinkShare. Check out the online
companies that want you to work for them.

Amazon.com - Amazon is practically the most popular online
marketplace in the world. Known as the go to place to find
books, Amazon sells everything from beauty products and
apparel to electronics and power tools. Amazon supplies a
comprehensive section for its affiliates. The site is
http://associates.amazon.com. Once you sign up, Amazon
supplies you with a tool (on their website) in which any
affiliate (Amazon refers to them as associates) can create
attractive links to the specific product you wish to
advertise. Furthermore, Amazon will supply affiliates
detailed information on the items sold through the efforts
of the associate.

Walmart.com and Target.com - Both of these companies are
powerhouses in retail sales all across the United States.
They have managed to build corporate presences due to their
versatile ability to supply customers with the opportunity
of one stop shopping. They are attempting to establish the
identical, powerful, 'virtual' presence on the Internet as
well. Both companies offer affiliate programs as well.
Unlike Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target offer their commission
program through the LinkShare Network with commissions up
to 7% of total sales referred. You can sign up by going to
the homepage of each store (www.walmart.com and
www.target.com) and clicking on the "Affiliate Program"
link at the bottom of the page.

Commission Junction - Commission Junction is the service
many of the large corporations utilizes to manage their
affiliate programs. Commission Junction's companies
include, but aren't limited to, Dell.com, HSN.com (Home
Shopping Network), Expedia.com, Staples.com, BestBuy.com,
Travelocity.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Marriott.com,
Fossil.com, Ebay.com, Tommy Hilfiger, The Home Depot and
Yahoo! What this means is that there is absolutely no
product you cannot represent. If you want to be a travel
agent, try Expedia, Marriott and Travelocity. If you like
electronics, there is Dell and Best Buy and many others.
The only limitation to your ability to sell is you!

Affiliate sales are tracked by a code that is embedded in
each link you build from the corporate affiliate program
website. This code verifies exactly what link the potential
client was referred. If the link on your page redirected a
consumer to buy from the corporate website, you are
credited for the sale and commissions are figured.

Diane Hughes
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Work At Home Moms Should Consider Affiliate Programs

Work At Home Moms Should Consider Affiliate Programs
Copyright (c) 2006 Anwar Ahmed Ally

In my many years in the work at home industry, I have come
across many work at home ideas, programs and opportunities
both online and offline. However, it is affiliate programs
that always get my vote for a number of reasons and I think
that any mom looking to do some sort of work at home
venture should seriously consider them.

As a simple explanation, affiliate marketing is a process
whereby a person promotes the goods or services of a
merchant by driving traffic of interested users to that
merchant's website. The person that does these activities
is called an 'affiliate' and the company/website that
receives these services is referred to as the 'merchant'.
Affiliates are either paid commission on a pay-per-click,
pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale basis. The bulk of the
affiliate's duties would be in marketing and advertising.

Affiliate programs have numerous advantages for anyone
especially for moms wanting to do something from home in
between taking care of the little darlings and keeping
house. These are:

International Customers

As the internet is an international instrument, your
potential customers will be from almost every country in
the world. This is a huge market for you to tap into.
Because more and more people are coming online everyday,
your market is virtually unlimited.

All The Hard Work Has Been Done For You

The merchant has sourced, manufactured or made the product
at his risk and expense. He has already tested the product
and his sales pitch to sell his product. If he has been
offering this product for quite some time now through the
sales pitch on his website, you can be assured that the
product is selling.

A Real Work At Home Opportunity

One of the greatest appeal of affiliate marketing is that
it allows you to make money while based at home. It is such
a flexible opportunity that even if you have a full-time
job, you can still run this on the side. Most of the time,
it takes an hour a day to administer, check, review,
revise, etc - and all online.

No Stock To Carry, No Shipping, No Customer Headaches

Another cool thing about being an affiliate is that you
don't have to worry about customer enquiries or customer
complaints. You don't need to buy or keep stock, you don't
have to ship anything to the customer - in fact you don't
deal with the customer at all. The merchant does this. You
just promote the website and it's products and get paid a
commission on sale.

Easy To Start Up

You can literally become an affiliate in a few minutes.
There are no lengthy applications to make or approval
process to undergo. No other money-making opportunity can
be started as quick as an affiliate program.

Unlimited Income Potential

The sky is the limit as far as your earnings go. You can
make as much money as you want to. The only restrictions
are your own effort.

Truly International Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is one of the very few opportunities
that are not confined to a specific country. Anyone from
anywhere in the world can participate in an affiliate

Affiliate Programs Are Free To Sign-Up

Almost all affiliate programs are free to sign up. You
don't need to pay for starter-packs, advertising materials,
sample products, membership fees, etc.

Huge Commissions

Commissions that are paid by merchants are huge and beat
any other industry hands down. Commissions on offer can go
up to as high as 75-80% of selling price.

Choose A Multitude Of Merchants To Work For

Affiliate marketing is flexible enough to allow you to
represent many merchants at the same time. This increases
your chances of success as you have an arsenal of products
to promote. If you choose your products properly, you can
be promoting a great deal of top selling items

Low Start Up Costs

Your only start up costs will be in advertising and
promotion. This activity will represent the majority of
your input in your business. There are a number of ways to
minimize this cost but you'll have to do some research and
test your methods.

However, as with any other opportunity, thoroughly research
an affiliate program before actually participating in it.
Here are some tips to help you:

1. Only choose top quality products that are in constant

2. Only deal with reputable companies who have been in
business for a reasonable period of time.

3. Monitor other affiliates to see what they are
promoting. Check to see where they advertise and how long
their adverts are up - if an affiliate is continuously
doing paid advertising in a certain place, then you can be
assured that he/she is making money.

4. Email the companies concerned and ask questions about
the product. Monitor how long they take to respond and how
effective their response is. This will give you an idea on
how solid they are and what sort of confidence they have in
their product.

Affiliate programs are a great opportunity but only if done
correctly. It is imperative that you do a certain amount of
research and testing before you commit yourself, especially
if you are going to be investing money in advertising. Good

Anwar Ally has been in the work at home industry for over
18 years. He is the founder of:
http://www.thehomeworker.org and blogs at:

Don't forget to also visit me at: http://www.womensnet.co.za !

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Instant Success

Instant Success
Copyright (c) 2006 William Frank Diedrich

People say there is no such thing as instant success, but I
say that there is. Success is a way of thinking. Success
has to do with how you feel. You may have a lot of money,
but if your thoughts and emotions have you in a terrible
state, then you really aren't successful. Why do people
achieve goals? Why do entrepreneurs start businesses? They
do it because they believe it will make them feel a certain
way. They will feel accomplished, victorious, joyful, or

Success is in the mind. People tell themselves that they
will feel successful when they get the money, obtain the
right job, find their perfect mate, or lose the weight.
Success is a someday thing in this context. Someday never

Success is a gift you give to yourself. It is a way of
thinking. Success thinking creates the emotions of success
including joy, peace, personal pride, self respect,
freedom, and gratitude.

If you do not see or feel yourself as successful right now,
you are but a thought away from it. Success is one thought
away from where you are right now. The distance between
your current thoughts and success thoughts may seem
overwhelming. This is due to your physiology. You see,
constant repetition of negative thoughts (blaming,
complaining, victimized, anger, etc.) trains your body to
react in certain ways. Physiologically, you are wired to
feel the way that you do. Constant practice of negativity
and doubt build those emotions into your body. Your
physiological responses can be changed.

Since we are often battling physiology when we attempt to
make changes, it is the body we must employ as our change
agent. Here are some steps you can use to create success:

1. First, there must be an intention to succeed. Failure
and giving up have payoffs we must be willing to give up.
We must be willing to take responsibility for our own
lives. When we intend to create success we recognize that
our success, past, present, or future, is not up to anyone
else. No one can stop you from being successful.

2. Following up on your intention, there must be a
decision you make to succeed. You make this decision every
day. Every time you experience disappointment or setbacks,
you decide again to succeed.

3. You must envision success. It is important to write out
a vision that includes what your life would look like. More
importantly, you need a vision that articulates what kind
of person you want to be. Words like confident, loving,
compassionate, forgiving, helpful, competent, joyful,
tenacious, graceful, grateful and others come to mind. In
this vision of your success, who are you being?

4. Focus on the feelings that you believe are part of
being successful. If you were successful right now---if you
felt totally successful right now--how would you be sitting
in your chair? What would your posture be like? How would
you carry yourself? Get up out of your seat and walk across
the room. How would you walk? Go greet someone or talk to
someone on the telephone. How would you greet and talk to
someone if you were successful?

5. Consciously bring the feelings and thoughts of success
into every part of your body in each of the parts of your
life. In other words, you are not looking for success--you
are being success.

Some may say that that's nice, but it is play acting. It is
like living in a dream world. This is true. You are acting
and it is living in your dream world. Success comes from
the inside out. In order to create your successful world
you must first live in it in your mind.

So, if you want a promotion, how would you walk and talk if
you were already in that position? How would you deal with
people? How would you approach your work? If you were a
great leader with big responsibility and compensation to
match, would you be tracking how many hours you work each
week? Would you be gossiping about your coworker? Or, would
you be fully engaged in the moment, making decisions that
benefit the highest good for the organization? Would you be
complaining about how unfair certain people or situations
are, or would you be envisioning positive situations and
taking constructive steps to create them?

Someone said to me: "I can play at being successful but I'm
really not. I still don't have the money I need. I still
don't have the influence I need. I don't have time for
games like these." This reaction is common and
understandable. My first question is: "How much money,
influence and love have you gained by worry or by feeling
sorry for yourself?" Generally speaking, other people are
not going to help you be successful because they feel sorry
for you. People gravitate toward success. Whether you want
others to buy from you, vote for you, listen to you, or
join with you, they are going to be more interested if you
are successful. If you see yourself and feel yourself as
successful, others will agree with you. Motivational
writers and speakers call it: "Fake it until you make it."

Personally I don't think we are faking it at all. That
confident and joyful person we envision is who we really
are. As we set aside the negative thoughts and emotions of
blaming, complaining, resentment, and general unforgiveness
we expose who we really are. You are already a success. If
you can imagine it and feel it, you can be it.

Give yourself the gift of instant success right now. Sit,
stand or somehow begin moving as if you are already
successful. Practice will build the positive emotions of
success into your physiology. Your body will become wired
for success. It will truly be the servant of a success
oriented mind. As you move forward in confidence your outer
conditions will begin to change to reflect your inner

William Frank Diedrich is a speaker, executive coach, and
the author of three books including The Road Home: The
Journey Beyond The Spiritual Quick Fix.
To learn more about his books, services, and free gifts go

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Home Business Super-Benefits

Home Business Super-Benefits - Get Back Your Life and Become Incredible!
Copyright 2006 Dave Foster

Building and operating a home-based business offers a
number of super benefits. Not only do you have a better
than average opportunity to earn higher income (compared to
what you can earn in a traditional J.O.B...which as we
know, is the true acronym for 'Just Over Broke'), there are
also significant lifestyle benefits as well.

Whether lifestyle or monetary, these benefits can be far
greater than those you receive working for an employer. In
addition to the fact that your life is no longer controlled
by a time clock, you no longer have to go cap-in-hand to
your employer whenever you need a raise, a vacation, or
time off due to sickness (either your own or that of a
family member).

If you are already working in your own home-based business
or just entertaining the idea, be sure to evaluate your
options and consider the value of the benefits you will
receive. Home-based business opportunities can provide you
with total independence and financial freedom, if you make
smart decisions.

Not everyone is motivated purely by money when they decide
to start their home-based business. Sometimes more esoteric
reasons take precedence over pure financial gain when
considering home-based business opportunities.

One of the more powerful advantages to working from home is
the sense that you regain your independence. You set your
own schedule, work the hours that are most convenient for
you, and have time available for family obligations and
leisure activities. Parents with children in school are
particularly well placed to gain from running a home-based
business. Teacher conferences, after school activities and
the ability to be home when the children are out of school
are strong motivators in making the decision to start a
home-based business. Working from home gives you the
benefit of flexible hours and the freedom to adjust your
schedule according to the needs of your family.

A massive advantage (one that I eagerly support at every
opportunity) is that the moment you step off the
employer/employee merry-go-round, you have effectively
severed the 'hold' that the depersonalized corporate world
has over you. You have regained your very own super-power.
In short, you get back your life!

What other benefits are there? Stress reduction is a huge
advantage of operating a home-based business. Any
entrepreneurial activity will likely produce its own levels
of stress and as humans, we do need a certain amount of
stress in order to function effectively. But unhealthy,
prolonged and enforced stressful factors can be avoided
when you take advantage of the more interesting and
enjoyable home business opportunities that are available to

Additional benefits; You will have no daily commute, you
will save money on gas and automobile expenses, and you
will have the extra time in the morning and evening to
relax and interact with your family instead of spending
that time getting to and from work. If you plan properly
and budget your time wisely, being your own boss can
greatly reduce the stress you feel due to constant demands
from the 'old boss' and the pressures created by
time-leaching interruptions from co-workers.

A home-based business not only gives you the benefit of
earning money while working from your home, it will also,
without doubt, manifest all the benefits we've discussed,
as well as a massive boost of super-confidence. In my
humble opinion, a home-based business provides anyone with
the perfect opportunity to attain financial and personal

So what's the flip-side? Okay, we all know that nothing is
totally free, and "with great power comes great
responsibility"...now where did I hear that? Was it
Spiderman's uncle or Superman's dad? Whatever...the message
is clear enough;-)

Here's the bottom line: There are many home-based business
opportunities available to you. The point is that you are
now 'literally' your own boss. The buck stops with you, so
be prepared to take the full responsibility for ensuring
that your home-business will work. The future success of
your enterprise lies squarely on your shoulders and it's
entirely up to you to make it grow and flourish...which
happens to be just the subject of an upcoming article;-)

In the meantime, be thankful for the massive advantages
given to you as a home-based entrepreneur. Accept the fact
that your business will require determination and on some
occasions a seemingly super-human effort to produce the
financial rewards. Carefully research your home-based
enterprise and make sure you are willing to provide the
effort that will be required in order to succeed.

As any self-respecting super-being would no doubt testify,
life-changing action is most effective when undertaken on
your home ground. So harness the super-benefits of running
your own home-based business, get back your life and become

Dave Foster owns and operates the "Solo Profits" blog and
podcast, helping to guide individual entrepreneurs and
home-based business owners to online success. To draw upon
the wealth of solo business information at the "Solo
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